Banner Industrial is a licensed construction company based out of Birmingham, Alabama. Specializing in Bridge Installation.

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About Us

From Initial Planning to Final Commission

Banner is ready to make it happen.

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Consider Us For All Your Industrial Construction Needs

  • Steel Stack Replacement
  • Turnkey Steel Bridge Installation
  • Tank/Bin/Silo Erection
  • Industrial Piping
  • Sheeting Installation
  • Construction Management
  • Estimating & Scheduling
  • Cost Effective Construction
  • Machinery Installation
  • Equipment Setting
  • New Steel Erection
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Foundation/Abutment/Pier Construction
  • Fabrication/Modular Assembly for Barge Transport
  • Small Miscellaneous Fabrication and Installation

Statement on Safety:

Banner Industrial Construction, Inc. is deeply concerned with accident prevention and control, and considers no other phase of its operation or administration to be of greater importance. Management also recognizes that accident prevention is a good business practice. Accident prevention assists in controlling unnecessary production costs, conserves skilled manpower, protects valuable equipment, machinery and materials from damage, and prevents the waste of time and effort. To accomplish the goal of accident prevention, it is necessary to state and strictly enforce an effective and understandable safety policy. For the above reasons, it is the policy of Banner to expect total commitment to providing and maintaining a healthy work environment from all employees. Adherence to operation and practicing procedures designed to safeguard the well being of personnel results in efficient and safe operations. Safety is the direct responsibility of all Banner personnel. It is in the interest of safety that Banner dedicates itself to providing the highest levels of performance in safety, fire protection, and occupational health, consistent with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) regulations and nationally recognized standards, as well as Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulations. Safety is of the utmost importance in the performance of all operations, and it must be an integral part of each work task. Safety should never be neglected because of undue haste; no job is so important or urgent that it cannot be performed safely. The success of Banner’s safety program requires the combined efforts of management, supervision and all other personnel. We want our operations to be among the safest in the construction industry. This goal can only be achieved if every person contributes to this team effort. The submission of recommendations to improve the safety and efficiency at our job sites is expected and appreciated. These inputs are valuable in solving problems associated with personal injuries, property damage and occupational health matters.